Book hacker Today

Collecting the best books mentioned on hacker news, reddit and other places

What is the Book Hacker?

Online book stores are generally dumb, they list from one source or another and never show why you should read the books they list. As a long time reader of Hacker News, Reddit, Stack Overflow and other sites, I used to come across high quality books all the time on those sites, so I decided to start tracking those books.

The Book Hacker came out of that, as it runs spiders to the various sources to find books that are mentioned, then uses a neural network to handle several things: 1) classify the books as actually being books. 2) Update the list based on how often they are mentioned, karma of the user, and a few other things. As it gathers more books and builds more links to those books, it gets smarter.

This makes Book Hacker one of the smartest online book stores on the Internet, and as it grows with more books, we'll be adding even smarter features.

Book Hacker uses Amazon affiliate links when it can and is sustained solely on those links, so show your support towards building the smartest book store by buying books from it.