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Reinventing Organizations

ISBN: 2960133501
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Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux -

For me it is the most influential book on how I think about "agile" , what that really means, and which factors really matter.

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Not sure... what part of it interests you? Teamwork? Innovation? Decision making?

I was putting together a "best read of 2015" type post but never finished it. There were a couple on my list that I think are related and maybe you'd find interesting.

This one from HN a few weeks back,

Higher level company organization stuff I thought these two books gave at times contradictory and at times very complimentary thoughts on what made teams work. In reality, neither were exactly about making teams work though :)

Playing to Win is on creating strategies

Reinventing organizations is about holacracy but talks a lot to people's motivations in a company.

Hopefully I have a couple more interesting things to say on too, so keep an eye on it!

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